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Apply now for the British Council Lighting Design Training programme.


British Council Nigeria is calling for applications for a training programme on the principles and practice of lighting design that is to hold in Lagos from the 11th to the 13th of June 2013.

Led by Michael Mannion, the three day course will explore:

  1. Focusing lights – good focus and bad focus, selective viewing
  2. Introduction to lighting in general – natural lighting, stage lighting, controlled lighting, phototropic eye, adaptation
  3. The physical elements of design – lighting positions, Luminaire type, focusing, the use of colour, timing of cues and cue points, varying the intensity of the light, warming lights, split times, follow-ons
  4. Looking at colour – on sets, costumes, dancers/actors; colour in terms of cultural references; the colour of evil, sadness, relief; the conceptual elements of design (what is the right look: naturalistic, abstract, film noir, sepia)
  5. Discussing ideas with all the creative team
  6. Questions/suggestions for further practice

Trainer, Michael Mannion will demonstrate the principles behind some of his own lighting designs and then invite participants to use these principles to develop and enhance their practical and visual skills by creating their own designs. Participants will work in groups of two to produce a lighting design to present to each other on the final day.


The course is suitable for:

  1. Theatre staff with basic lighting skills who aspire to use their knowledge of the equipment they work with more creatively for in-house productions and/or to offer more professional technical support to incoming touring companies.
  2. Staff in up-and-coming independent theatre or dance groups who want to make more professional-looking performances that will be more attractive to potential national/international bookers and their audiences.
  3.  Appropriate staff (and suitably motivated final year/postgraduate students) in local performing arts academies.

How to Apply

Please fill in and return attached application form by 20th May 2013

About the Trainer

Michael Mannion is a partner in the lighting consultancy Eye for Detail. He has been a lighting designer for more than 20 years and has worked with theatre directors, choreographers and film-makers throughout Britain, Europe and South Africa.

His work has spanned designs for touring companies, huge site-specific works and small installations. He has created designs for Birmingham Royal Ballet, Phoenix Dance Company, Rambert Dance Company, Royal Ballet, Javier De Frutos, Ashley Page, Gravity and Levity, Theatre Rites, Mimbre, Stumble Dance Circus, Athina Vahla, Protein Dance Company, Hofesh Shechter, Rafael Bonachela, CandoCo, Carol Brown, the re-opening event at the Royal Festival Hall and many others.

Michael also conducts courses in lighting design at BA and MA level in London, Denmark and South Africa. He has an MA in architectural lighting from University College London. Recent commissions include designs for Rambert Dance Company and a synchronised swimming event in the Olympic pool in Sheffield UK.


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